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Age from 21 years to 55 years
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Instant Loan

Instant loan With our lifestyles on fast forward, waiting for an online loan can be frustrating. Paisa on time brings its instant loan, the loan for the people of the 21st century. When your situation calls for instant money, paisa on time's instant loan is a wise decision to take.

If you are confused about whether an instant loan is for you or not you can opt for an instant loan in the following situations-

  • House Repairs
  • Hefty Clinical Expenses
  • Wedding Bills
  • Business Loans

Advantages of an instant loan besides the speed are the hassle-free process, less documentation, and a COVID safe experience. Taking an online loan from paisa time is easy by the following steps-

  1. Enter your details in the apply section.
  2. Upload your document files.
  3. Your application will be approved when you receive an email or a call from us. Disbursement will follow soon.

Terms and conditions for Instant loan

Rate of Interest- 13.5% per annum

Processing fee- 2% of the loan amount

Bouncing fee- Rs. 500

Tenure- 92 Days - 120 Days

Paisa on time has the best offer for an online loan in the market. If you still feel unsure, you can call our helpline for further assistance.