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Personal Loan

Paisa on time offers a personal loan in quick time. Multipurpose needs require a flexible and fast loan. If you don't wish to disclose the reason for a loan, a personal loan is perfect for you. Here are some reasons and situations where you can opt for a short-term personal loan:-

  • Urgent home renovations
  • Medical and/or hospital bills
  • Wedding expenses
  • A bridge loan

The tenure of a personal loan is short tenure and flexible so you can call us and we can set up a customized tenure for your needs. We aim to serve our customers and deliver the loan whenever you need it. Follow these easy steps to apply for paisa on time's small personal loan-

  1. Fill the form on our website's apply page.
  2. Upload the required clear documents in the correct format.
  3. Wait for the approval from our side. We will call your send an email once your small personal loan application is approved.

Terms and conditions for small personal loan

Rate of Interest- 12% per annum

Processing fee- 1.5% of the loan amount

Bouncing fee- Rs. 500

Tenure- 100 Days-12 Months

Call our customer service for any other doubts we would be happy to guide you.